Green Technology

Mc Donalds finished coatHow can we help your business reduce its energy consumption? The same way we did with two McDonald’s locations in the area.

It took us years to convince the restaurant to try our energy-efficient technology, but they eventually did. We worked on a location in Houma, coating the asphalt roof with a wind-breaking, impervious seal that reflects heat.

The results: an estimated 50 percent decrease in heat coming in through the windows, and a 40 percent decrease in heat coming from the rooftop. Their air conditioning bills were cut down dramatically with these changes.

The films and roof guards also provide for storm protection; neither of the McDonald’s locations that we worked on were harmed during Hurricane Gustav.

In addition, one of the buildings was painted inside and out with a low-volatile organic paint, which cuts down on the amount of chemicals to be released in the air.

We have also performed similar services on projects such as the Le Pavillion Hotel, and we can help your business as well. So if you would like to learn more about green roofing technology in New Orleans and the surrounding area, contact GreenStar for expert assistance!

Top-notch energy efficiency

Our team has already coated almost 1 million rooftops in the New Orleans area, and our goal is to increase that number to 10 million. This will greatly decrease the urban “heat island” in the entire New Orleans area, but especially downtown. Cool roofs can decrease your roof temperatures by up to 100 degrees.

We always utilize government-approved Energy Star products and groundbreaking technology as soon as it is available. Our specialties include Astec Roof Coatings , which provide excellent benefits in the area of energy savings.

Interested in learning more about green roofing technology in New Orleans and the surrounding area? Contact GreenStar to get started saving money and energy today.