Solar Roofing

solar roofingAre you interested in lowering your energy costs and contributing to a greener environment? Then consider the installation of solar roofing. With solar roofing you can save money on your electricity bills, never have to re-roof again and enjoy our incredible Financing Options for your commercial property. We are the go to choice for solar roofing in New Orleans.

Did you know?

1 MW of power generated from solar panels helps to prevent a variety of other energy uses such as: the burning of over 700lbs of coal, the emission of over 1500 lbs of CO2 and the consumption of over 70 gallons of gasoline.

Solar is the smart path for your business

recycle planetSolar roofing systems are excellent choices for any business. Not only will a roof coating from GreenStar help you cut down on the heat absorbed into your building (which already lowers cooling costs), you can pair solar power with your re-roofing. By adding solar to your roof you can increase the value of your property significantly. This also sets your business apart as a leader in sustainability in your industry.

We can help you explore all the options you have for reducing your electricity usage from the grid and switching to a solar option. Remember, we offer Financing, so even if solar is not something you can afford upfront, we can help you find an option you can afford. Keep in mind, though there is an initial investment for solar, the lowered energy costs will save your business greatly in the long run. Solar roofing truly is a roofing choice that pays you back over time. And when you pair solar with a new roof coating, we can assist you in greatly reducing what you need to pay up front.

Installation made easy

Our company has an expert team on staff ready to assist you in making the installation process smooth and easy. From deciding upon the right roof coating to pairing it with the perfect solar product, we are equipped to explain everything to you in easy to understand terms. We can provide you with resources for the plans, designs, installation and financing of your new solar system!

We understand that you have a large number of decisions to make on a daily basis as a business owner. But this decision is a simple one. Save money, become a leader in your industry and help reduce the need for fossil fuels. You can be the next intelligent business owner who saves money every single month on energy bills.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to call our team. We can go over in detail exactly what “going solar” means for you. We are the go to choice for commercial solar roofing in New Orleans. Call today: (504) 874-4002.