Acrylic Roofing

Acrylic roofingDid you know that your roof expands and contracts? It seems to be motionless, but it is actually dynamic, moving to accommodate weight from snow, rain or vibration. It can also move as a result of thermal or seismic expansion.

For this reason, a roof’s coating has to withstand that movement — and in all types of temperatures. The roof must also be strong enough to hold up under foot traffic, because there are occasions when people will be walking on it.

One coating that many business owners have come to rely on is acrylic. While most of us are familiar with the Plexiglass type, the kind of acrylic used on rooftops is both hard and flexible, but it looks like paint in a can as it is applied. Still, it is very different from paint; acrylic coating can resist ponding water and many other elements, including extreme temperatures.

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Acrylic roof coatings: the basics

Big warehouseNormally white in color, acrylic rooftops reduce the temperature of your roof’s membrane below. The light color also reflects about 85 percent of the heat from the sun, which will go a long way toward reducing your utility bills.

Other benefits of acrylic roofing:

  • It goes on like paint, and as it dries, it forms a seamless seal that is fully adhered to the membrane.
  • It is incredibly durable because it is able to withstand harmful UV rays. Some asphalt roofs, in contrast, start out fine but after six months, a chalky residue begins to form. This will not happen with an acrylic roof, because it does not absorb the sun’s destructive radiation.
  • It is easy to apply and does not contain anything extremely toxic; think of this material like you would house paint.
  • It is affordable! When you factor in the lifespan of an acrylic roof, along with maintenance plans, this is one of the most attractive options in the industry.
  • It is flexible in cold weather. Some acrylic roofs are tested in a device called a Weather-Ometer, which ages them for several thousand hours to see how they will hold up. The roof coating must be able to withstand extremes and tolerate movement.

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