Roof Services

Roofers workingIt costs a lot more to remove an existing roof and replace it than it does to coat it with a durable, waterproof, seamless membrane. Our crew will come out and quietly apply the coating, while avoiding any disruption to your business. These coatings can be put down whenever the temperature is above 40 degrees. We use Astec coatings, which test beyond normal standards for longevity, wind resistance, pliability and more.

But GreenStar Roof Coatings can do more for you than giving you a new roof system. Among our other services:

  • Roof leak repair: If you have a metal roof, you will want to take heed of the potential for leaks. There are several areas that could start to leak, including fasteners, seams and flashings, among others. We will not only repair your leaks but will ensure that others do not crop up by coating your roof with a waterproofing material.
  • Skylight repair and replacement: We will take care of all of your commercial skylight needs, whether you need something installed or repaired. We will also go over special considerations such as wind resistance, sound reduction, shading and UV coatings.
  • Industrial Tank Coatings: The most common reason that an industrial tank will leak is corrosion. We can protect against that by cleaning and coating the surface, ensuring that it remains waterproof.

For top-quality roof services In New Orleans, contact GreenStar today. Our coating and other roofing services can not be beat in the industry!

Premium roof-related services

white roofAt GreenStar Roof Coatings, we offer annual, comprehensive maintenance plans that will take care of all of your building needs.

Our company is proud to be the exclusive contractor for Astec Roof Coatings, which can be renewed every 10 to 15 years. The renewal process is typically much less expensive than the initial investment, so you will be getting quite the bargain for the life of your commercial roof.

You can rest assured that we use only the best membrane coatings to seal and protect your roof from leaks and other damage. We have a simple philosophy: Focus on quality and exceptional customer service. It has served us well; we have covered almost 1 million square square feet of commercial roofing in the New Orleans area.

So if you need any type of roof services In New Orleans, call us. We are committed to helping all of our clients reduce their energy consumption.