Roof Leak Repair


A metal roof can last for decades, but they can have issues over time. Roof leaks are common with this type of system, because there are many opportunities for water to get in. These include ridge caps, fasteners, seams, flashings, skylights and more.

We will first start your project by fully inspecting the roof. Among the issues we will be looking for:

  • Loose Seams: Storms and other outdoor conditions cause the roof to expand and contract. Over time, the screws holding the pieces together will loosen, which can create space between the seams.
  • Corrosion: Obviously, your metal roof is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions — and if it is not coated, it will start to show signs of wear. Rust will begin to appear, but this can be corrected with the proper membrane coating.

Are you looking into roof leak repair in New Orleans or the surrounding area? We are the pros to call whenever you are dealing with commercial roof leaks of any kind!

Repairing leaks with membrane coating

Membrane coatingWhite roofing is often referred to as a “green” roof because it is that good for the environment. In the past, commercial roofing systems were darker, so they would absorb all of the harmful rays of the sun. But white roofs do just the opposite! These coatings will reflect the UV rays, sending them back upward. The heat will not come into your building, which means you will use less energy and will save money. 

What is our process for repairing roof leaks? It includes the following:

  • We will start by completely cleaning the surface.
  • A rust inhibitor will be placed on the metal to prevent further damage.
  • We will use caulk on all of the fastener heads and screws.
  • The roof will then undergo a waterproofing process, which is sealed between two layers of a base coat.
  • It is now time to add the white coating to the surface. When it is dry, the results will be seamless and it will look very clean.

If you would like to know more about roof leak repair in New Orleans, contact GreenStar Roof Coatings today. Commercial roof leaks are our specialty!