The Last Things You’d Expect to Fall Through Your Roof

Roof coatings are great for protecting your roof, but nothing could have protected the following folks from the things that dropped through their roofs! We take our business very seriously, but there’s no harm in an occasional light-hearted look at strange occurrences — like the three bizarre events below!

A Rock as Old as Earth

Larry Beck of Connecticut just wanted to watch his TV that fateful night, but instead, he ended up with a rare treasure indeed: A 4.5 billion year old meteorite the size of his fist! After hearing a loud crack, Beck thought that a rafter had broken in his attic. The next morning, when he went up to inspect, he yelled at his wife that he could see daylight through their roof. Then he discovered the rock, which Yale scientists studied, and concluded to be an ancient meteorite. That might almost be worth a hole in the roof!

a picture of a wrecked car on a tow truckA Flying SUV

An unnamed man from Houston crashed his SUV into not one, but two roofs during the same incident! As unlikely as that sounds, it really happened. The man, who was texting while driving drunk and speeding, veered onto an embankment, which sent his vehicle sailing through the air. The SUV collided with one roof, flipped, and flew into a second roof, where it got stuck. Miraculously, nobody got hurt. Even the driver was taken away unscathed.

A Messy Block of Ice

Marian Liknes of Canada found out the hard way about “blue ice”: a frozen mixture of disinfectant and the contents of an airplane’s lavatory waste chute. As she hurried to answer the phone, Liknes was struck by shards of the dirty ice, which fell through her roof and damaged her home’s interior. Investigators don’t think the dumping was deliberate; most likely, the waste chute wasn’t working properly, causing the worst kind of leak right over Liknes’s home.

Chances are, you’ll never have to worry about these crazy objects coming through your roof, but if they ever do, we’re here for you! (We’re here for you anyway.) Give us a call today to learn more about our roofing services.